Friday, September 7, 2012

Toms, Sperry's, Mocassins, and the world's most expensive shoes!

These are Toms. Averagely they would be forty to sixty dollars, depending on where you get them. I'm pretty sure the biggest size they go up to is 16. So if you have extremely large feet, Toms aren't for you. Sorry! They come in all different colors and obviously sizes! I chose this pair to put on here because I just think their really cute! If you go to this link, --> , you can find all kinds of toms. Even for toddlers! Where can you get a pair? Well actually you can get them at a lot of places! Another really cute pair of shoes, Sperry's! They are extremely cute! (Picture below.) The cheapest pair I saw was $39.95 and the most expensive pair I saw were $120.00. The picture in the top right corner is a picture of the worlds most expensive shoes! The most expensive shoes are Harry Winston's Ruby Slippers at $3 million! They incluse 4,600 rubies and 50 carats of diamonds! I don't their that cute but whatever floats your boat? I guess I just don't like them that much? And I would definately NOT buy those shoes. Talk about expensive? Another picture I shared are of Mocassin's. This pair is really cute and their about $55.00. Mocassin's can also be really expensive! Some of my friends said they got theirs for like $10.00. After I'd already spent $75.00 on mine. But i've seen pairs that are like $110? But i'm sure they get a lot more expensive! Depending on what stor you go to. Well I don't really recommend the Ruby Slippers but the other three I definately do!

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